Joint Ventures & Strategic Partnerships

We possess extensive international expertise in guiding clients through the establishment, operation, and dissolution of joint venture agreements and strategic alliances.

In a business landscape that increasingly favors collaborative ventures over sole ownership, our dedicated team stands ready to support you. Our clients seek to harness the potential of shared products, technology, and customer bases, and we specialize in constructing the necessary legal framework to facilitate these objectives.

Strategic alliances

Why choose VGA?

We stand by your side throughout the entire journey, from the conceptualisation of the joint venture to business planning, assessment, and eventual execution. Our strength lies in our ability to merge our deep-rooted experience in structuring joint venture entities with pertinent legal proficiency across related domains. Leveraging our competence in competition and antitrust, regulatory compliance, taxation, and dispute resolution, we provide an all-encompassing service tailored to meet your commercial requirements.

Our substantial track record encompasses intricate cross-border transactions and multifaceted, multi-jurisdictional projects. We offer a well-informed, global perspective, addressing considerations ranging from the selection of applicable laws to the very structure of the alliance itself.

Our portfolio of joint venture endeavors spans from noteworthy unlisted corporate ventures. We advise on strategic alliances, often involving competitors, in various corporate or equivalent arrangements.

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