When disputes arise in the business world, finding a swift and cost-effective resolution is essential. 

VGA is pleased to offer our clients access to the expertise of Hans Van Gompel, a certified mediator with extensive experience in mediation and alternate dispute resolution. With a proven track record of guiding parties through mediation processes and achieving positive outcomes, Hans is dedicated to helping parties settle their disputes amicably, without the need for costly and time-consuming court procedures.


Business & commercial cases

Our mediation services are tailored to meet the unique needs of companies and commercial entities.

Hans Van Gompel understands the complexities of business relationships and the potential impact of conflicts with commercial partners. His intervention is designed to facilitate open communication, foster collaboration, and guide parties toward mutually beneficial solutions.

He specializes in resolving a wide range of commercial disputes, including but not limited to contract disputes, partnership conflicts, and disputes over business transactions.


Role of the mediator

As a certified mediator, Hans Van Gompel brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the mediation process. His approach is rooted in conflict management and a deep understanding of the impact that disputes can have on business operations. 

As a mediator, he is committed to guiding parties toward mutually agreeable solutions that meet their objectives. He facilitates productive discussions, helps identify common ground, and works collaboratively to reach resolutions that all parties can accept. 

His intervention is characterised by professionalism, neutrality, and a focus on problem-solving. He strives to create an atmosphere where parties can express their concerns, explore options, and ultimately, achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.


Why choose mediation?

Mediation offers numerous advantages for businesses and individuals facing disputes:

    1. Cost-effective: Mediation typically involves lower costs compared to litigation, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to manage their expenses.
    2. Time-efficient: Mediation can lead to faster resolution compared to lengthy court proceedings, allowing parties to move forward more quickly.
    3. Preservation of relationships: Mediation focuses on open and constructive dialogue, helping to preserve important business relationships that may be strained by disputes.
    4. Confidentiality: Mediation proceedings are confidential, providing a private environment for parties to discuss their concerns and explore potential solutions.
    5. Customised solutions: Mediation allows parties to craft customized solutions that address their unique needs and interests.
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